What is the minimum age that my teen can start driver's training?
Answer - They can start taking the class at 14 years, 8 months. When they get their certificate of completion, they have to be 14 years, 9 months to turn it in to the Michigan Secretary of State and get their Level One license.

Why 24 hours for Segment One?
Answer - Navigator's Segment One class is 24 hours of class room instruction. Our curriculum is very full and it takes all 24 hours to complete. For most of our instructors, this is our full-time job and are dedicated to teaching teens everything we can during the three weeks we have them. We have developed our own curriculum by combining the National ADTSEA curriculum, Michigan Propulsion curriculum, UPS Driver Standards, Michigan Law Enforcement standards, and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. The 24 hours allows our students to complete all work during the classroom sessions which allows them to concentrate on driver's ed "during" driver's ed, and they can focus on their school work at home.

When do I need to pay for the class?
Answer - Please pay the amount due in full the first night of class.

My son/daughter has a friend in the class. Can they drive together?
Answer - Yes they can. Just sit next to each other on the first day of class when we schedule behind-the-wheel drives.

What if my son/daughter misses a class?
Answer - The material is REQUIRED to be made up. If they know in advance that they will miss a class, they will receive the homework ahead of time. With our curriculum they will receive the hours required by the State of Michigan, so lost classroom hours will have to be made up. We will work with your student to find a time to finish these hours at the end of the program.

Why don't a lot of the public schools provide training anymore?
Answer - The simple answer is funding. Driver's education is expensive to provide. Because schools no longer offer classes, there are a lot more private companies that provide driver's ed for teens. Make sure you are asking the right questions when searching for a provider.
What are the right questions to ask a company?
a. Is this your full-time profession?
b. What kind of cars will they be driving?
c. How many teens are in the car at once?
d. Do you have your own facility?
e. Why should I choose your company?
f. Why are you different than the other companies in town?

Why don't you just charge us for both Segments?
Answer - We keep them separate because Segment Two is a minimum of three months away and our class schedule may not fit into your schedule.

Are there any other fees?
Answer - At Navigator NO, but if you go with another company, ask. We know that some companies in the area are quoting low like $249 and then charging for books, gas surcharges and classroom fees. So be careful.

Where are you located?
Answer - Our main office and classroom is 925 Northland Drive in Rockford (between 11 and 12 Mile Roads). We also have several satellite locations that we teach at throughout the year. Click here to view our location list.

When is your next Segment One class starting?
Answer - That depends on our location. Our main office offers classes each month. We are at our satellite locations four times a year. See our schedule at the top of our website or call the office (866-8520).

Are all of your instructors certified?
Answer - Yes. All adults who teach driver's ed have to be State certified. Our driver's ed licenses have to be renewed every two years and we must complete some form of higher learning during that time to keep our certification. Continued education is a big part of what makes Michigan's Graduated Licensing such a successful process. Our driving records are available upon request.

Do you only teach teens?
Answer - No. Navigator Driving Academy is a full-time driving school. We teach teens, adults, and we perform mature driver evaluations.

How many teens are in the car at once?
Answer - The maximum is two. Our behind-the-wheel hours are in 2-hour driving blocks. Our students drive for an hour then observe for an hour.

I do not understand the Michigan GDL process (graduated licensing). Can you explain it to me?
Answer - Yes we can, but it is easier if you call the office. One of our instructors will be glad to explain it to you.

My teen has lost their driving log. Can we get a new book?
Answer - Yes, just stop by our office and pick one up.

How come I cannot access my student account anymore?
Answer - Your account is only active while you are enrolled in a class. Once your class has been closed, your access is closed.

I signed up online, received my user name and password, but I cannot access my account.
Answer - Your account will not be accessible until our staff activates your account. They are processed during normal business hours.

My teen has lost their certificate. Can I get a copy of it?
Answer - Your teen was given the one and only copy. What we have to do is issue them another one. The fee is $10.00 and there are several ways to go about getting another one. Please see our certificate page click here.

My teen has lost their Level One license, gone through the wash, is unreadable, etc. Can I get another one?
Answer - Yes, but we do not issue them. Their Level One license is issued by the Secretary of State office and you must go there to obtain a copy.

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