Gaby, Rockford

"Thank you for accomodating my schedule. Many driving schools wouldn't have done that for me. I enjoyed the class and thought very highly of both of you. I wish you the best of luck this upcoming spring and summer with classes and just life in general.

P.S.: Mrs. Musil, thanks for taking me to Jody's. I appreciate it, in addition to our wonderful chats in the car!"

Brian, Rockford

"I had my older son in a class at his school and my middle son came here to Navigator. I noticed a HUGE difference between their driving.

My older son had to be re-taught how to drive by me and my wife! My middle son? I would say something and he'd say, 'I know, I know. I learned that at Navigator!'

Now I'm here to register my youngest son because I know he'll be taught the right way."

Lynn, Sparta

"My oldest son took driver's training through his high school. It was the worst experience because they were not in the least bit flexible and with 3 kids and full-time work, we need a little flexibility!

We had both of our other sons take Segment One and Two through Navigator and it was a whole different experience!

We were so happy with every aspect...from the classes and instructors to their willingness to be flexible. We'll tell all our friends about Navigator!"

Jacqueline, Rockford

My friends were looking at price when deciding on a driver's ed school for their teens. I looked at quality because I don't believe you can put a price on the safety and well-being of your children! I also believe you get what you pay for. Navigator's fee isn't over-priced like some other companies and for the quality of instruction my son received, it's worth every single penny plus!

The owners and the instructors REALLY cared about my son and how well he was learning. I will highly recommend Navigator Driving Academy to anyone who's looking for the best driving school for their teens.

Elizabeth, Rockford

Dear Mr. Cox,

Thank you very much for teaching me how to be a safe and defensive driver. Thank you also for being patient and introducing fun things into class. I hope you have a wonderful, safe summer. May God bless you!! =) Thanks again!

P.S. Thank you so much to the rest of the staff for making my Seg. 1 experience a great one!!

Julie, Grand Rapids

Two of my kids went through Navigator, and due to proximity and schedules, we sent one of our children to a different company that was a bit closer to our home. We were so unhappy with that experience as the classroom instructor had such a disrespectful attitude towards life itself and acted like an overgrown teenager. We had to work with our son and his driving by giving more correcting and more "bewares" to keep him safely driving. Our kids who went through Navigator have a great understanding of the seriousness of driving. We're very pleased with their great attitudes in regards to driving and all they learned at Navigator. They learned to be responsible drivers.

No amount of fancy room decorations and bells and whistles on the driving cars makes up for the great lessons my kids learned at Navigator and NOT at the other school. We'll be back to Navigator as soon as our youngest child is old enough to take the class!

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